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RJR 95 HOMEPAGE EZONE 2010-12-17
Come sit by the fireside and get the info on the newest artistes, movie and book reviews, latest events and new music on te 95! Take five by the Fireside! Entertainments melting pot!

*Puma renews Contract with Usain Bolt................ *West Indies Cricket team movie ' Fire in Babylon' premiers.......... *Stephen Marley to release third solo project this month '...

Soca Season is over and it was definitely fun! From Bacchanal Friday's to SocaSize to beach and other J'ouverts and culminating with Road March on May 1, 2011. Did you enjoy the season? What would have wanted to see more or less of?...

FAME 95 Anniversary Party is on for May 14 2011 at Gee Wee Restaurant Parking Lot! Music by Kurt Riley, DJ Nicco and Arif 'Supa Coop' Cooper!...

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